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Simplify Negative Exponents

Formula and examples of how to simplify negative exponents

Formula for Negative Exponents

The general formula for rewriting negative exponents as a positive exponent is :

$ \boxed{ x^{- \red a} = \frac {1}{x^{\red a}} } $

Examples of rewriting negative examples as positive

$ \text{ 1) } 5^{- \red 2} = \frac {1}{5^{\red 2}} \\ \text{ 2) } (3x)^{- \red 2} = \frac {1}{(3x)^{\red 2}} $

Practice Problems Simplifying Negative Exponents

Use the negative exponent formula to rewrite each formula so that there all exponents are positive.

Problem 1
Negative exponent practice
Problem 2
Negative eponent practice
Problem 3
Negative exponent practice
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