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Best Math Jokes

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Joke 1: Find X

A classic one! Where is 'x'?

Find x Math Joke

Image used by permission of the original author of the "Find X" joke, Wade Clark, whose website has some adult content.

Joke 2: Get Rational, Be Real

Real numbers and irrational numbers -- they don't get along!

Get Rational, Be Real Math funny image joke

Image used by permission of the original author of the "Get Rational, Be Real" joke, CJCaulkins.

Joke 3: Like Terms Joke
Like terms joke

Image used by permission of the original author, Chris Burke.

Copyright Issues: We create a lot of original content here at, and we take plagiarism seriously. Every attempt has been made to find the original author of each and every one of these classic math jokes. If your joke is one of the few on this page that we have not credited (it's only because we couldn't find you!). Just shoot us a message! Or, if know a good joke to add to our list and can give us permission to use that joke (or put us in touch with the author to ask for perms is si on) then please do email us!

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