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How to simplify expressions using the laws of exponents

There are many different laws of exponents. This page covers the 3 most frequently studied formulas in Algebra I. If you are looking for other laws, visit our exponents home page.

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Exponent to an exponent:

What if the base is different?

Answer: different bases

Practice Problems

Problem 1

Simplify $ x^3 \times x^2 $

Since we are multiplying exponents we add the exponents:

$ x^3 \times x^2 = x^{3+2} = x^5 $

Problem 2

Simplify $ (x^3) ^2 $

Use the power rule of exponents and multiply exponents:

$ (x^3) ^2 = x^{(3 \times 2)}= x^6 $

Problem 3

Evaluate $ \frac {x^5}{ x^3} $

Use the quotient rule of exponents and subtract the exponents:

$ \frac {x^5}{ x^3} = x^{(5 - 3)}= x^2 $

Problem 4

Simplify $ x^{11} \times x^5 $

Since we are multiplying exponents we add the exponents

$ x^{11} \times x^5 = x^{11+5} = x^{16} $

Problem 5

Simplify $ x^8 \times y^5 $

You cannot simplify this expression! Remember that all of the rules on this page only work when the exponents have the same base!

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