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Math Way Reviewed

Here at Math Warehouse, we are big fans of the very awesome Math Way app! And we wanted to write a review of why we like the app so much. Like the phrase "right tool for the right job", Math Way is the 'right tool' for many tasks that any student/teacher of Mathematics would probably appreciate. Below we are going to go into detail about what the app can do, and why we think it's a great resource for anyone who does a lot of Math!

I. What Topics Does Mathway Solve?

Mathway is the ultimate Math Solver. It can solve pretty much any problem that a student in middle school, high school or college would probably encounter. The topics range from low level mathematics like scientific notation, fractions, or the area of the rectangle, to topics in algebra such as functions, logarithms, and matrices through topics in calculus like limits, summations , and integrals. Mathway can also solve problems in statistics, finite math and linear algebra. They even recently added a chemistry tab.

II. How do we rate the UI?

We give the UI a define 5 star review! This applies to the free version and the fully unlocked version. The entire app exists on a single page and has a very intuitive interface that anticipates what can be done based on what you type. The app actually knows what can be done to any given math expression. For instance, if you enter a fraction with an irrational denominator like $$ \frac{3}{\sqrt{5}} $$, a drop down menu, pictured below, is populated with every type of operation that you might need.

Mathway UI Reviewed

As you can see after entering that irrational fraction, Mathway is able to figure out what sort of solutions, I might want whether it's rationalizing the denominator, simplifying or any of the other operations you can see in the drop down menu pictured on the left.

As a second example, let's look at what MathWay does when I enter the rational expression $$ \frac{x^2 + x}{ 2x} $$.

mathway app screenshot

As you can, see the app knows that I might want to simplify the rational expression, divide it etc..

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