Area of Triangle Worksheet


Students will practice calculating the area of a triangle given its base and height. This worksheet also focuses on calculating the base/or height given the triangle's area and its base/or height.

Example Questions

1) What is the area of a triangle that has a base of 3' and a height of 6'?

2) What is the measure of the base of triangle that has an area of 40in2 and whose height measures 4 in?

3) Find the height of a triangle if it's area is 22 square units and its base is 15 ?

Download this web page as a pdf with answer key

Visual Aides

Area of a Triangle Picture Base and height of a triangle

Other Details

This is a 4 part worksheet:

  • Part I Model Problems (explained step by step)
  • Part II Practice Problems. Find area, given height and base.
  • Part III Find height or base, given the other (height or base) and the area
  • Part IVAnswer Key


Download this web page as a pdf with answer key

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