Vertex of a Parabola

The vertex of a parabola is the highest or lowest point, also known as the maximum or minimum of a parabola. Picture of Vertex of A Parabola

Properties of the Vertex of a Parabola

  • is the maximum or minimum value of the parabola (see picture below)
  • is the turning point of the parabola
  • the axis of symmetry intersects the vertex (see picture below)
    Picture of vertex and axis

How to find the vertex

Depends on whether the equation is in vertex or standard form

Finding Vertex from Standard Form

The x-coordinate of the vertex can be found by the formula $$ \frac{-b}{2a}$$, and to get the y value of the vertex, just substitute $$ \frac{-b}{2a}$$, into the

Vertex of standard form

Finding Vertex from Vertex Form

It's called 'vertex form' for a reason!
The vertex is just (h,k) from the equation.

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