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Vertex of a Parabola

The vertex of a parabola is the highest or lowest point, also known as the maximum or minimum of a parabola.

Picture of Vertex of A Parabola

Vertex Properties

  • is the maximum or minimum value of the parabola (see picture below)
  • Vertex and max min
  • is the turning point of the parabola
  • the axis of symmetry intersects the vertex (see picture below)
  • Picture of vertex and axis

How To Find the Vertex

Finding Vertex from Standard Form

The x-coordinate of the vertex can be found by the formula $$ \frac{-b}{2a}$$, and to get the y value of the vertex, just substitute $$ \frac{-b}{2a}$$, into the the equqation as shown in the diagram and example below:

Vertex of standard form
How to find vertex standard form picture

Finding Vertex from Vertex Form

It's called 'vertex form' for a reason!

The vertex is just (h, k) from the equation.

Picture of vertex form of parabola
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