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The Value of Games in Education

Everybody knows that the key to learning is the will to do so. This may sound tautological, but it's the same reason that online maths games can be such a potent educational tool. Although some students do lack motivation, the vast majority of students do need something to motivate them to learn math. From the beginning of time, I imagine, teachers have used games to give kids this inherent interest in learning, using whatever tools that where available whether it was sticks and stones in prior centuries or nowadays in the technology era--virtual and online games played on computers, tables and smart phones.

There is a lot of press and many voices that decry the decreased attention span caused by our modern technological, but whether or not that is true, technology is here to stay. It is what interests modern students so--like it or not--short attention causing or not-- computer games and technology really can get your students motivated to learn and to engage with math.

Therefore, as a teacher, we should all strive to find the best math games for kids out there--games in which the learning is not incidental but rather baked into the game itself.