, What is a Regular Polygon? [Answered] With pictures and definitions
Polygon External Angles

What is a regular polygon?

Definition of a Regular Polygon:

A regular polygon is simply a polygon whose sides all have the same length and angles all have the same measure. The most well known regular polygons are the equilateral triangle and square, both pictured below.

Examples of Regular Polygons

Regular Triangle (a.k.a. Equilateral) Equilateral Triangle
Regular Quadrilateral (a.k.a. square) picture of square
Regular Hexagon Regular Hexagon
Regular Pentagon Regular Hexagon

Non-Examples of Regular Polygons

Non-regular Triangle Irregular Triangle
Non-regular Quadrilateral Irregular Quadrilateral
Non-regular Pentagon Irregular Pentagon
Non-regular Hexagon Irregular Pentagon
As you can see from the pictures above, the side lengths and interior angles are different sizes (ie have different measurements)
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