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The meaining of division

So, let's explroe what it division means. Let's start with a specific problem. Let's look at $ \boxed{ 6 \div 3 } $ If you read theat first problem out loud, you would say"What is 6 divided by 3 ?

The symbol for divide is $$ \div $$.

Ok, but what does this all mean?

$$ 6 \div 3 $$ means: How many groups of 3 are in 6. As you can see, there are 2 groups of 3 in 6.

meaning of division

So, what does 'evenly divide' mean?


If one number evenly divides another number, then that first divides the second without any remainder.


  • 3 evenly divides 21 because $$ 12 \div 3 = 7$$, which is an integer.
    • Think of this definition this way: when one number divides another into an exact integer with nothing left over, no remainder, then you know that the one number evenly divides the other.

Non Example

  • 3 does not evenly divide 22 because $$\div 22 = 7 $$ plus a remainder of 1.
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