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Directions for Unit Circle Game

I. Hinting Level

Show Hints
Default hinting behavior that works as follows:
What type of Hint Occurs
No hinting, after 1 wrong answer.
User is given a hint about the type of answer. For instance, if they are being asked to find an angle measurement, then we will hint as to the type of answer (all angles highlighted, or all coordinates highlighted). Below is the hint to choose an angle measurement. Click to see example

User will be shown the correct answer and just has to now click the right answer.

II. Question Types

Questions that include angle measurements given in degrees.
Questions that include angle measurements given in radians.
General Traits
Questions about general characteristics such as identifying which quadrant goes with "- , -" . i.e. Which quadrant always has a negative sine and a negative cosine; or what element on the unit circle best represents "X(cos)"
Rationalize Denom
$$\frac {\sqrt 2}{2} $$ or $$ \frac {1}{\sqrt 2} $$