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Exterior Angles of Polygons Worksheet (pdf)


Students will practice working with the formula for exterior angles of regular polygons. This worksheet includes many practice problems including an 'extend your thinking' bonus problem at the sheet's end.

Example Questions

1) Find the sum of the measures of the exterior angles of a regular polygon that has 720 sides.

What is the measure of a single angle?

2) Find the number of sides of a regular polygon each of whose exterior angles contains 72 degrees.

Download this web page as a pdf with answer key

Visual Aids

picture ofexterior angles of quadrilateral picture of exterior angles of pentagon

Other Details

This is a 3 part worksheet:

  • Part I Exploratory Activity (compass required)
  • Part II Practice Problems
  • Part III Extend your thinking problem asking the students to explain whether or not a problem involving a polygon's interior angles is actually 'solvable'
Download this web page as a pdf with answer key
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