Y-Intercept of A Line

How the equation of a line relates to the graph of its y-intercept

The Y-Intercept of a line is the point where a line's graph intersects (crosses) the Y-axis.

  • A y-intercept of 3 means that a line's graph intersects the Y-axis at the point (0,3).
  • A  y-intercept of  -4 means that the graph of a line crosses the Y-axis at the point (0,-4).

Example of the Y-Intercept

picture of y-intercept of linear equation

In the diagram on the left, the y-intercept is 2 which is the point (0,2).

Practice Problems

Identify the Y-intercept below

What is the Y-intercept of the line pictured on the left?

y-intercept of a line

The Y-intercept is 3 or the point (0,3)

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