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What is the Multiplication Counting Principle?

Answer: The multiplication counting principle tells you that if you have n thingss th
The multiplication counting principle states that there are n ways to order n things.

  Counting More than One Item 
If there are m ways to make a first selection and n ways to make a second selection, there are  m × n ways to make the two selections.
    Consider the following example: For lunch you can eat either a turkey sandwich, a cheeseburger or a slice of pizza so you have three choices for your main meal. Then for dessert, you can have either grapes or cookies, 2 choices. By the multiplication counting principle we know there are a total of 3×2 ways to have your lunch and dessert.
      3×2 = 6 different, possible ways
      1) sandwich & grapes 2) sandwich & cookies
      3) burger & grapes  4) burger & cookies
      5) pizza & grapes 6) pizza & cookies

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