Rational Numbers Game!

To survive the game below, collect all rational numbers, avoid all irrational numbers and kill all cells infected by an irrational number.

Also, avoid the shots from the Π Amoeba, the most deadly of all irrational foes!

About Game Speed and Quality:: To best enjoy this game, please use a modern computer with a decent processor and video card.

Storyline of Game: Scientists discovered that there is a direct relationship between irrational numbers and insanity. It turns out that scientists can see irrational and rational numbers inside the human body, on our very cells. The mroe irrational numbers and the more cells infected with irrational numbers that are in a person's body, the more and more insane a person goes.

Your Mission: You have been shrunk to a molecular level and must

  • collect all rational numbers that you can find before they are corrupted.
  • destroy all amoebas and cells that are infected by irrational numbers
  • do NOT touch any irrational number

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