Free PHP Code Snippets: Manipulate Strings Add String Suffix to Copied Files and Folders. A generalized function that will work for any string you feed it

Snippets to manipulate PHP Strings

When I was creating a php-based program for the free web space that I offer to anyone who wants make your own website, I found that I often had to manipulate strings. In particular, it was useful to identify and, often remove, the first or last character of a string using PHP.(For a full look at PHP strings go to
Although these functions are quite simple, what makes them nice is their generalized form. This generality is made possible by making use of the great strlen() feature of PHP.
Just as often, I found that the file management system for the web space that math warehouse hosts would need to remove the last character in a string.
Try if for yourself --> type in any string in the text box below or use the string generated for you and then watch this 1-line php script in action
"That's all for today, I will be leaving now with my hat which though not black is not exactly white"