Definition of Divide, Division

Divide means you should perform the operation of division.

The symbol for divide is $$ \div $$.

Division is calculating how many times one number goes into another number-- or put differently, division is how many times we could add one number to itself to get the other number.

For instance, when we say we are dividing 20 by 4, what we're really asking is 'how many 4's are there in 20?" In Math-symbols it looks like: $$ 20 \div 4 $$.The answer, of course, is 5 because there are five 4's in 20. If you'd like to think of it in a different light, we have to add the number 4 to itself 5 times to get twenty .

→ (4 + 4 + 4  + 4  + 4 = 20).


  • Divide 14   by 7 → In Math symbols: $$14 \div 7 $$
    • The answer is 2 because there are two 7's in 14.

So, what does 'evenly divide' mean?

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